Immediately after a lengthy 7 months, I’ve completed the Wheel of your energy. We have certain issues

Immediately after a lengthy 7 months, I’ve completed the Wheel of your energy. We have certain issues

Whenever i are learning for every single guide, I kept a term document of all of the questions I had within the realize. Particular was questions that have been in the course of time never fixed or certain is quick facts that i missed therefore i simply wanted to inquire of here to see if some one understands this type of solutions. I really don’t remember the perspective/scenario for the majority of of those issues therefore i apologize when they are very effortless responses, I’d keeps simply destroyed to write the fresh new responses in time of studying and i also forgot them right now. Thanks for your assist.

Who is anyone one to desires secret passage out of Mayene so you’re able to Illian of Bayle Domon? Who penned the fresh forged page “signed” because of the Queen of Cairhein? Bayle suspects the group delivered to offer terms were away from Cairhien. The fresh gold coins you to Bayle Domon received because commission had Tar Valon scratches.

What exactly is Lanfear’s link with Perrin’s previous thinking? Inside the Perrin’s dream, he was using a good gilded Lion’s direct (Andor sigil?) head protection which have silver armour and his awesome axe.

Who was simply new channeler that interrogated and you can killed Sahra Covenry from the this new farm? Chapter 17 – Deceptions. (My personal assume is Moghedien)

Why try Faran (a member of the children of your own White) so eager to destroy Perrin and troubled when Dain Bornhald halted the transaction?

She calls him “my personal wildling”

  • “Simply tell him [Demandred] I’m sure just what he could be to.” Incidents to the south got Demandred’s draw everywhere all of them. Demandred had constantly liked having fun with proxies. “I will not have your or their family members [Darkfriends?] interfering in my own arrangements. So long as they stay away from me personally, their lackeys can carve away what he desires.”

As to why performed brand new Ebony One to order Semirhage to transmit Trollocs so you can assault Sammael’s Trollocs into the attack on the Stone off Rip?

She calls him “my personal wildling”

  • The newest lion blade, the fresh new devoted spear, she which notices beyond. Three on the boat, in which he who’s deceased yet , lives. The great battle over, however the community maybe not carried out with battle. Brand new land split up by the return, plus the guardians balance the new servants. Tomorrow teeters into the edge of a blade.

That is the 3rd front side/party out-of Aes Sedai willing to kneel in order to Rand whenever they make contact once again? (Pg. 749)

Who’s the 2nd “angry animal/rabid beast” you to definitely checked Tarabon (because the risky since the Rand) and you may is actually reported to help you Pedron Niall into the a page?”

Who’s got POV precisely what the sub-chapter on Page 319-320? As to why did he say the guy does not have enough time leftover? Is actually he dying? (Guess: Noal?)

Exactly what were Verin’s rules to have Beldeine when she made use of a less heavy form of Compulsion on the regarding Aiel tent?

Who was brand new tall guy which have red-colored locks for the a bluish cotton finish eavesdropping into Elayne, Egwene, and you may Nynaeve within the Tel’aran’rhiod? Others people eavesdropping on other end wore good Shienaran coat.

Who was simply the latest red-haired lady with plenty of jewellery one to fought Cyndane that have an excellent Ter’angreal and is more powerful than Cyndane? Pg. 542

She calls him “my wildling”

  • “You understand finding the guy who involved me personally yesterday? Get a hold of your, and you may simply tell him I agree, but there will be a few more than just i chatted about.”

Why is Masema ending up in Seanchan and exactly how did he get a letter regarding Suroth? (Guess: Masema try good Darkfriend?)

Exactly what are all the Aes Sedai doing at Gold Swan within the Caemlyn? As to why did an enthusiastic Aes Sedai coming to the fresh new Gold Swan Inn inside Caemlyn mention Cadsuane, and exactly why performed a new Aes Sedai shush their, regarding keep what they was indeed stating out-of eavesdroppers?

Exactly who slain Anaiya along with her Warder, and later into Kairen Stang (dos Bluish Ajahs)? They certainly were slain having Saidin, near the wagons into south side of the camp. Just what was indeed Anaiya along with her Warder undertaking here if you find yourself people were sleeping? (Guess: Halima aka Aran’gar?)

What is the interesting facts regarding Nynaeve with the Red-colored Ajah Sitters buzzing and delivering siblings to investigate on Cairhien? (Guess: it was whenever Nynaeve are providing Rand wash new taint idk if Shadar Logoth is within close distance so you can Cairhien or otherwise not)

Which betrayed Egwene’s miracle intend to ruin the fresh new chain boom close Tar Valon? That is Elaida’s miracle agent inside the Egwene’s go camping? (Guess: Lelaine)

What’s the most other reasoning Elayne let the Borderlanders get across. As the danger of this new Borderlanders causing the most other Properties so you can service Elayne were not successful? (Guess: Something regarding Black colored Tower?)

She phone calls him “my personal wildling”

  • “At least one need I permit them to get across Andor still retains. Regardless of if she didn’t acquire the new throne, she got complete you to definitely solution to possess Andor. Except if anyone who did grab the throne bungled matters completely.”

As to why were the new Aes Sedai whom swore fealty to help you Egwene (Nisao, Myrelle, Faolain, & Theodrin) part of the delegation for the Black Tower? Did some body intentionally want to get rid of those faithful so you can Egwene?

Will there be a benefits into the scar with the Saerin’s cheek? It has been said double in 2 courses today. (Guess: I imagined she is actually Mesaana but that was debunked)

She calls your “my wildling”

  • Rand sensory faculties their unique someplace in the newest North. He assumes on Arafel

Where performed Logain wade ”scouting” and exactly why did he need step 3 of the very most strong regarding the latest Asha’man that have been faithful in order to him?

Who had been the feminine Chosen than just Isam confronted by and offered your sales to help you kill al’Thor? (Guess: Graendal otherwise Lanfear which have a great weave of Impression)

How come Mat remain watching Rand shaving when the Ta’veren colors swirl inside the lead? I do believe it simply happened two or three times over the last couple instructions.

As to the reasons performed Egwene at random inquire if the Tremalking is part of Tuon and her Seanchan’s assets one of many Dragon’s Tranquility Pact having Rand? Why does she require Tremalking free from the new Seanchan’s control?

P.S. why did most of the hopes and dreams/visions about show keep saying that Mat are dicing having the fresh Ebony One to? Did it imply that he had been simply pushing their luck sometimes or always https://gorgeousbrides.net/fr/sofiadate/ at risk? I usually thought the latest Ebony You to is corrupting your because the he discover the new dagger into the Shadar Logoth but i am not sure. Sorry to your enough time blog post but thanks for people help you can give with your issues. I can fundamentally eat that it subreddit now without having to worry throughout the spoilers 🙂

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