The fresh new summary analytics of your partner’s and you can wife’s socioeconomic qualities, marriage costs, and you can wife’s empowerment was demonstrated in the Desk step 1

The fresh new summary analytics of your partner’s and you can wife’s socioeconomic qualities, marriage costs, and you can wife’s empowerment was demonstrated in the Desk step 1

step three.dos Relationship strategies

Line (1) reports the statistics on the complete attempt, and you may line (2) account them to the subsample, we.elizabeth., wives with at least one sis and something sis. The fresh new sumple try Hviderusland kvindelig dating advertised because the the most smaller-mode estimation having a collection of relationship expenses paid off towards the wife’s sisters and brothers of the its particular during the-statutes can only just become held on subsample. The common age of husbands try 40.six decades. Husbands, an average of, complete top education (five years), and you can 56% of these is actually literate. An average ages of spouses are thirty-five.8 age. Spouses, an average of, didn’t done primee house be the cause of twenty-seven% away from total properties interviewed. An average sized agricultural home for each home is actually step 3.24 acres, having almost 40% regarding properties are landless. Footnote eleven Getting 39% of your spouses, its birth community is the same as that of the husbands, 66% of them try hitched to a cousin, and you may 17% was hitched for the watta satta (bride to be change, or practically, “give–take”). Footnote several Many of these is actually book options that come with marriage inside the Punjab, Pakistan. Having said that, the brand new northwestern section of Asia, also Indian Punjab, could have been typically noted for hypergamy, where wives is y contrasts that have endogamy and you will relative y as the a couple group arranging watta satta you should never technically observe hypergamy within same date, and are probably to be in the same personal group and you may financial standing. Wife’s natal family’s domestic earnings in the course of matrimony try PKR 171,695 Footnote 13 normally. It had been replied retrospectively by the partner which will be, hence, almost certainly subject to bear in mind mistakes the same as the ones that are regarding the quantity of private dowry and other relationship costs, no matter if income could be more comfortable for participants to help you recall in contrast to an individual dowry consisting of certain activities. We adopted equivalent perform to reduce questionnaire remember mistakes.

Allegedly, recalling each and every product of its personal dowries out-of decade in the past would be hard

The first part of the survey requires husbands about their ount. Because the dowry is known to help you feature individuals items that allow a young few to start its wedded life immediately after marriage, i inquired about the worth of for every item within the dowry. The genuine question is “Basically, in the region, to own a family group such as your own personal, what’s the approximate property value for every single goods offered since the dowry during the time of the latest daughter’s wedding?” We clearly asked about dowry as observed in their community, or jati (= sub-caste), once the we’re interested in the practice of dowry itself just like the better because individual quantity of dowry the parents paid down. Its treatment for issue on dowry in the neighborhood was attending communicate appropriate factual statements about dowry methods. Its react you are going to declaration how much cash they would buy for every single product if they are currently undergoing providing a dowry to their daughter. In any event, the answer has a tendency to offer way more specific tips with the itemized worth of dowry. The following a portion of the survey requires spouses regarding their individual dowries or any other wedding expenses, we.e., “How much dowry (fiance rates) did your parents (in-laws) promote in the course of your own ounts are used on the chief empirical studies. New relationship coefficient amongst the individual dowry number and you will neighborhood-mainly based dowry amount are 0.65 (Fig. 3). The city-founded dowry amount is higher than the private dowry number repaid by the wives’ moms and dads, that isn’t shocking considering the so-called growing development in the actual level of dowry.

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