Motors are still off and this is the right time to remember and to make some consideration on the all-roads sports. Generations of people from Bergamo has lived the Valli as an epic deed, generations of public administrators have asked for it and desired it as a guarantee for their tourist development to be than celebrated during their council meetings, in their parish, on local newspapers. Generations of technicians did monitor it to get useful indications to develop the mountain road system. Generations of riders has personally lived it, passing their road books onto their sons and maybe even to their nephews. Generations of presidents and councillors and fans of the Bergamo Motorcycling Club have organized, built, celebrated, loved and defended it. The VALLI in itself is not a game that renovates itself each Sunday, is not only an episode for excelling in a sport, is almost like a morganatic bride that has given and will give, innocently, sorrows and melancholies to a lot of wives and fiancées. At 10 o’clock on July the 4th 1948, on times of hard economies and common poverty, with the misery of the war years still right out of the door, at the Caffè Savoia -that was at that time the main office of the Bergamo Motorcycling Club, president was Mino Baracchi – the first edition of the VALLI got its start. It had is finish line 257 km after, in Ponte Nossa, having passed through the Taleggio Valley and the Vivione Pass. Few dozens of drivers on various motor bikes, with military jackets and boots inherited from war, with helmets of the most various shapes. The Taleggio valley, the Vivione Pass, gravelled, dusted , isolated places, really witches’ Sabbath. No one could think at that time that the lively work, the will to re-conquest, would have led to the road network, the technological civilization of nowadays wonders. In 1950 the VALLI did start from Bergamo and finished in S.Pellegrino after two days of hard duels, for the first time it was running onto the mule track that goes from Cornalba to Selvino and up to the one of Polaveno. For the first time the province of Brescia was touched letting the VALLI go through Iseo, Polaveno, Gardone, Valtrompia, up onto the Croce Domini pass, memories of the first world war. The Masserini, the Dall’Ara, the Oldrati, the Tura, the Maffettini, the Manzoni, the Rovaris, the Somaschini, the Reguzzi, the Ferrario names were the first for their experience and abilities but yet there were the young and new riders, organizers, helpers lead by… always the same Peri. From the roads they moved to the first mountains, the first tracks, the real off-road. In 1954 mayors, parish priests, tourist office presidents, came one after the other to ask to the Bergamo Motorcycling Club to raise their villages to the dignity of being part of the track which, at that time, had four sections: Cà S.Marco, Clusone, Lovere and S.Pellegrino; the night section Nembro-Selvino, run under the light of thousands of torch-lights, was an absolutely new attraction. The 1955 edition did multiply the efforts, the difficulty of its track and the duration of the event to three days, which were divided into eight sections, with finish line in Selvino, passing through Ca’ S.Marco, Vilminore, Valbondione, Gazzaniga, which were the first explorations on grounds and fords, very near to the Orobic summits. The 1956 was the year of the mounting up to the Calvi hut, with finish line in Piazzatorre. Bergamo becomes the breeding ground of regularity, the Motorcycling Club did establish relations with other European Clubs. Its President Reda, who succeeded to Baracchi and Mazza, broke the ice and in 1959 the Valli opened its doors to the European riders, bringing them up to the Forcolino delle Torcole of Piazzatorre, and experimenting for the F.M.I. the special tests of: acceleration and braking, fording, pure acceleration, climbing of uneven tracks. Each year the stubbornness of the people of Bergamo led by Maffettini and by the unforgettable Levo and Duccio Reggiani, Foresti and Saini, became greater and greater as greater and greater became the number of fans, the difficulties and the efforts to cooperate with Gilera, Guzzi, Aeromeze, Bianchi, Parilla, Morini that were taking the places that were of Rumi, Mi.Val and Devil. In 1963 bikers were mounting up to the Poieto Mountain sending shivers down to hundreds of spectators’ spine when descending from the ski slopes so well known by skiers. In 1968, thanks to the experience and to the tracks discovered and suffered, Bergamo was showing to be worth of the “International Six Days” of S.Pellegrino. The last ten years history of the Valli is well known by everybody and does not need any presentation. In 1969 the Valli stopped to be a test for the Italian single classifications championship and became the more important test for the Regularity European Championship with classifications by classes: the memory of Levo and Duccio Reggiani took place in this same event with a Trophy entitled to them. From the first 38 adventurous bikers of 1948, riders become hundreds in 1976 and this made the screening of inscriptions necessary, both for organizational and public order reasons.

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Have you ever wondered about the complexities of human relationships and the unconventional dynamics that can emerge? One such phenomenon that has been gaining attention in recent years is the rise of cuckold dating. This unique form of consensual non-monogamy challenges traditional notions of fidelity and explores the complexities of power dynamics, trust, and sexual exploration. In this article, we will delve into the cultural and social analysis of cuckold dating, examining the factors that contribute to its growing popularity and the implications it has on individuals and society as a whole.

As we explore the world of cuckold dating, we will uncover the motivations and desires that drive individuals to engage in this lifestyle. We will examine the power dynamics involved, questioning whether it is an expression of dominance and submission, or a means of sexual exploration and liberation. Additionally, we will delve into the cultural and societal factors that shape the acceptance and understanding of cuckold dating, analyzing how it challenges traditional norms and contributes to the evolving landscape of relationships in the modern world. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey into the rise of cuckold dating and its profound impact on our cultural and social fabric.

Historical Perspectives: Tracing the Origins of Cuckold Dating

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The Psychology of Cuckold Relationships: Understanding Motivations and Dynamics

The rise of cuckold dating is a phenomenon that has garnered significant attention in recent years, reflecting a shift in cultural and social attitudes towards relationships and sexuality. Cuckold dating refers to a consensual arrangement where a man derives pleasure from watching his partner engage in sexual activities with another person, often referred to as a bull. This unconventional form of sexual exploration challenges traditional notions of monogamy and highlights the complexities of human desires and fantasies.

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Cuckold Dating in the Digital Age: Exploring Online Communities and Platforms

The rise of cuckold dating has become a notable phenomenon in contemporary society, reflecting a shift in cultural and social dynamics. Cuckold dating refers to a consensual arrangement where a man derives pleasure from watching his partner engage in sexual activities with another person. This practice challenges traditional notions of monogamy and explores alternative forms of sexual expression.

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Spectators went from some tens to thousands. The Valli turned from a “Caffè Savoy passion” into a national and than a worldwide phenomenon. Its last editions in 1994 – 1999 – 2002 – 2005 – 2006 – 2010 were the only world competitions run in Bergamo during those years. If all this does comfort us, we also have to note that on the other side, a lot of local authorities did make an U turn, the same ones that years before were praying the Bergamo Moto Club to let the Valli go through their isolated villages. Prohibitions, regulations, buns that forbid bikers to pass onto mule tracks and mountain paths; district laws and illegal regulations that preclude the passage on private properties, barriers and barbed wires etc., everything in order to discriminate against the practice of off-road motorcycling, to banish a sport that is still free and individual and that a while ago was good for the tourism economy of our mountain villages and that now is still good to the economy of our district thanks to its thousands adepts. Only a part of the Seriana and Scalve Valleys is safe from this sudden change of direction, quite often a true witch-hunting, and remain a sort of reserve for the off-road bikers. On these territories it was tried and built a permanent track for the off-road and it was right at the final project but the political changes in the different villages did take away paths to the tracks, the fake problem of noises and other excuses succeeded in letting the attention onto this matter down so much that even in this areas the tolerance is giving way to notices and fines. We might have become “Indian” riders that will be confined in natural reserves but we will not paint our face or wear eagle -or some more modest bird-feathers. We, the elders, that have seen and suffered the 41 editions of the VALLI, still have the satisfaction to have enjoyed a full life of motorcycling passion. It is now the youth’s turn to open their way not only in competition but also in leading the Club and its sections, in order to prepare the planning for the next 38 years. As on the 4th of July 1948, we shout loud: “HURRAY THE VALLI” From the competition point of view up to the 1964 the Italian riders keep on making a good impression but from the following year on and till 1972 foreigner riders, with more appropriate motorcycles with twin engines, were difficult to beat with our four cylinders of that time, and they won almost everything. The revenge started quietly on 1971 with the couple Gritti Puch, who won everything, and than spread in following years with the arrival of KTM, SWM and the short gold period of GILERA. This is the time of the “red helmets” that will reach its peak with the three consecutive winning of the world trophy of the Six Days in France, Germany and Italy. The power of the Italians, but we should better say of Bergamo riders, does put the Valli in a difficult position since foreigner riders find it difficult to win and therefore do not like to participate and they come in lower numbers. Their complaints do get the effect of not having the Valli included in the European championship in 1975, after that the previous year only twenty riders did arrive to the finish line. The organizations, even if reasonably upset, did take this opportunity to create a different, original edition inventing, with the example of ski competitions, the parallel special test. The most sad chapter of this history dates back to 1979 when the Swedish Lennart Andersson was killed in an accident, despite Franco Gualdi prompt aid. We are almost to nowadays. The Valli becomes a meeting that takes place each two years to leave room to other important events or to the Six Days in Italy: on 1981 it did not take place right because it was on the same dates as the Six Days in Elba island and in 1983 as the European competition was assigned to the Sanremo Motorcycle Club, in 1985 is the La Marca Trevigiana who is put in charge of the organization and in 1986 the Valli has to leave room to the Six Days in San Pellegrino- Selvino were our pilots won. In 1987 Sanremo Motorcycling Club is put in charge of organizing the Italian meeting for the continental championship. The Valli is back on 1988 and the 35th edition takes place in Alta Valle Seriana in Clusone-Castione della Presolana on the 25 – 26 June, when President of the Club was still Professor Ribolla. “Pellegrinelli – Signorelli – Gualdi dominates the first day of the Valli Bergamasche”. “It’s time for the Italian revenge: Italians first on five classes” these were the titles on 1988 newspapers. Stopping the Swedish excess of power, our riders dominated winning five over six classes, good weather did help the good running of the competition. The 35th “old style” Valli was than coloured in blue in 1988 and this was the last edition as a competition for the European championship. As a matter of fact the 36th edition in 1994, after six years, will become a competition in the World Championship with a rainy weather that put a strain onto bikes and riders: great organization of the Bergamo Motorcycling Club led by its President – and volcanic industrial manager – Franco Acerbis. The headquarter was in “La Rucola” in the local sport centre, the rocky area of Plarina in Onore was selected for the two special tests, the difficult line always in the Onore-Castione area and, more unusual, the special taped test at Donico in Castione near the Passo della Presolana ski tows where all premises did foresee an exceptional show that was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather. It was also the first Valli without two characters that gave great

contribution to this event: Giamprimo Casari and Fulvio Maffettini. With them every obstacle was conquerable, optimism and competence did dissolve all troubles.

“ENDURO CELEBRATES: THE VALLI HAS COME BACK, QUEEN OF THE OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLING HAS RAISEN THE ENTHUSIASM OF GOLD DAYS, ALONG THE TRACK GREAT PUBLIC. ITALIANS LEADER OF THE COMPETITION: SALA, GRASSO AND RINALDI, ONLY ONE INTRUDER THE TSCHEK KATRINAK” “It was very hard but, you know, the Valli Bergamasche is legendary right because it is murderous and winning it gives an invaluable satisfaction”. This sentence, pronounced at the finish line by the winner of the race: Giovanni Sala from Bergamo, sums up all this absorbing and complex event that proposed itself back again with its charm after six year from the last edition and started on the world champions in the best of its way. From the article of Danilo Sechi on the L’Eco di Bergamo May 23rd. The 37th VALLI, in 1999 in Rovetta. Always Franco Gualdi, clerk or the course, as in 1994, and the Valli goes back to the Alta Valle Seriana, in the Presolana area, as a competition in the Enduro World Championship – Junior Fim Cup – European Enduro Championship in Rovetta the 29 – 30 of May 1999. Two marvellous days not only from the meteorological point of view but also for the success of this event thanks to a large public and 4 special test per lap. 15 special tests than, spectacular to see and to reach in the 5 kilometres lap, two were in Clusone, one in Plarine a Onore and one in Cerete. Superb organization by the president of the Bergamo Motorcycle Club Andrea Gatti that took over from Franco Acerbis. “AT THE VALLI BERGAMASCHE SALA AND RINALDI GET THE MONOPOLY OF THE 400 4T – SCOVOLO IS AGAIN FIRST AT THE 125. ROSSI AND NICOLI TAKES ONE VICTORY EACH IN THE 250 4T” “Great, very great Sala leading on Saturday, excellent Rinaldi as well that pays back his rival on Sunday. Very good Scovolo who, two years later, leads the 125 class where he won the world championship in 1996. Superb Merriman, applauded by more than twenty thousand fans that were waiting for him at this Italian Gran Prix. Indomitable Gian Marco Rossi who, after his victory on Saturday, did struggle on Sunday to get his third place that re-opens the championship of the 250 4T. Congratulations to Arnaldo Nicoli who, after crying for having to withdraw on Saturday as his gear betrayed him, confirmed to be a great warrior able to subdue everybody on Sunday. Very good Tianinen too, with his victory in 500 4T he has given salt to a championship that sounded like being in the hands of Katrinak. This is the summary of the VALLI BERGAMASCHE, 37th edition, a competition up to the best traditions, hard enough with its eighty kilometres track to be run three times on Saturday and two on Sunday. A competition exciting till its end, rich of unexpected events, with four different special tests (on Saturday twelve were run and on Sunday ten) that did eventually show the real values of this world championship.” This was what Dario Agrati wrote on 1999 on Motosprint. The early second millennium has already passed by and now strongly comes back the VALLI that both the Club and the FIM did want, seeing the excellent organizations of 1994 and 1999: we are now in Clusone on the 18-19 May 2002. Deeply wanted by all the members of the Motorcycling Club managing council, although doubts and troubles to get necessary permissions are substantial, we hope to present to sportsmen an edition worthy of its history and all its generals. 38th VALLI 2002 in Clusone THE ENDURO IN CLUSONE IS HISTORY, RIDERS AND TEAM FROM WORLDWIDE: “ THE VALLI AS THE DAKAR: UNIQUE” When a competition calls almost 250 riders from all over the world, when thousands of spectators rush to see it, when the spectacular moments come one after the other Deeply wanted by all the members of the Motorcycling Club managing council, although doubts and troubles to get necessary permissions are substantial, we hope to present to sportsmen an edition worthy of its history and all its generals. 38th VALLI 2002 in Clusone THE ENDURO IN CLUSONE IS HISTORY, RIDERS AND TEAM FROM WORLDWIDE: “ THE VALLI AS THE DAKAR: UNIQUE” When a competition calls almost 250 riders from all over the world, when thousands of spectators rush to see it, when the spectacular moments come one after the other at a breathtaking rhythm, when also who is watching it for the first time remains fascinated, than the meaning is that the event is really special. And this is the case of the VALLI BERGAMASCHE, the queen of the Enduro competition, making its come back last September in Clusone to celebrate its 38th birthday and to bring forward the fifth world appointment in 2002 and to show who are the new men from mars for the speciality. It was a competition but also a party: who wanted to know the situation of modern enduro and know where it was going, has got precise answers. There will be more special tests (Saturday 14 and Sunday 13 that became only 12 due to the rain), there will be the “trial” section, a test on a very rough and bumpy track, with less hard transfers, proper technicians in the right places and everything run in areas of some importance. The organization of the Bergamo Motorcycling Club deserves congratulations: from the speakers that made this event more clear to the less expert spectators, to the special test officials that have draft very good tracks, to the timekeepers that had to cope up with 29 receipts in two days and to the Italian riders that did their best to defeat the Scandinavian champions, still too strong. 1st and 2nd day the victory goes to Salminen. This is what wrote Danilo Sechi on the L’ Eco di Bergamo (Bergamo daily newspaper) on Tuesday the 21st of may 2002. SCHILPARIO 15-16 October 2005 38th VALLI BERGAMASCHE – ENDURO MAXXIS FIM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2005. The ninth and last competition, in the same location where this sport did write more than a sacred text, saw Italian bikers win.

Emotions were given by Alessandro Belometti on KTM and Simone Albergoni on Honda, who won respectively the Saturday and Sunday competitions for Class E1 in a week-end that worthily closed the season world championship. On Saturday Stefano Mo…. on Yamaha gave more emotions as well in the C2 class, followed, the day after, by Samuli Aro on KTM. In the E3 Class the victory of the two days goes to David Knight on his KTM, with the best general time. Paolo Bernardi on Honda In the Junior category wins on Saturday, and on Sunday is the turn of Jacob Stapleton on TM, the very young Thomas Oldrati from Bergamo arrives ninth. In this competition Enduro is something else to what is usually practiced elsewhere. An hike for the VALLI too: the Bergamo Motorcycling Club is rejoicing for the success of the competitions in Schilpario. The mayor Mr. Bendotti Gianmario says “Never seen so many spectators, not even for ski competitions” there were more than 15.000 people. The VALLI BERGAMASCHE, in its fall version with Schilpario in Alta Val di Scalve as its epicentre, looked like the Motorcycling Club organization was gambling. The risk that in middle October weather conditions could not be good was high. The doubts that the Val di Scalve was too far away and could put spectators off reaching the event was real. On the contrary it was an huge success, a party for enduro and for sport. In the valley there were at least 15.000 spectators. The gorgeous sun shining all week end made everything unforgettable. Schilpario did show its alpine scenarios in all its beauty. The charm of competition breached the hearts of bikers that invaded the Val di Scalve to cheer their favourites on. The fact that it was hold in October did let the winning Italian pilots from the Six Days in Slovakia be acclaimed. All of that gave a lashing vitality to the complete event. Succeeding in presenting the VALLI back again was all but easy. The difficulties that all off-road motorcycling events do meet, and Bergamo Motorcycling Club do have a lot of them, are increasing and the pressing they make on the choices of the managing board becomes harder and harder. But the VALLI has to start its path back again, not to risk and become a memory only, but to give to Bergamo and worldwide sport people, its magic and its sport regality. How many changes from 1948. How much did fashion, rules and bikes changed. But hard track, efforts, desire to win, organization commitment and spectators’ passion remained unchanged. There are things that do not have time or dimensions. Even if 1999 was not so far away we missed this event and Enduro bikers’ nostalgia was growing while obliged to live in a mass of prohibition. A lot of the competitions run in Italy meanwhile were having success. Other Clubs were maybe better than the Bergamo but no other competition had or has the charm of the VALLI. This 39th VALLI is for the Bergamo Motorcycling Club the seventh organization of a world championship in ten years; after

the 1993 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIOSHIP in Foppolo,

the 1994 ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIOSHIP in Castione della Presolana,




the 2005 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Valbondione.




A lot of honours but also a lot of efforts easily undertaken by the men from all the many sections of the Bergamo Motorcycling Club, when the VALLI arrives they become an unique and united body that cries: HURRAY THE VALLI BERGAMASCHE A. Rodari wrote from Lovere on 28th – 29th June 1970, for the 22nd “Valli bergamasche”, European Championship: “It was dreamed, contested, challenged, prepared, but also waited for 12 months: the VALLI, Enduro European Championship race is back.” It is back, shining of fame and gold of the Trophy “Levo and Duccio Reggiani”: it is settled on the lake Sebino banks, perched in LOVERE, showing that from the beginning of Val Camonica it is motorcycle land of Bergamo; it gives a tribute to Giacomo Agostini, from Lovere, and to all the fans, present at the province’s borders, who never betrayed the motorcycle. In the 25th anniversary of the end of Word War II, the European Championship Race solemnly declares the intention to join European people, without political distinctions and encourages technical ability, creativity, courage and intelligence. For profanes and lazy people, it may seem crazy who, on a motorcycle, searches for ancient paths, river’s fords, muddy swamps, gullies, scree slopes, undergrowth, meadows and steps; those who struggle with legs, who push with arms the motorcycle out of the grip of the mud, who scratch in the bush, who fall and rise again to start again the race; it is difficult to understand those who, drenched in sweat and exhausted, deal with sun and storm, cold and hot weather, rain and snow, for an applause or a medal of silver guilt. Those listless people will never understand how beautiful it is to sweat and suffer, to win on yourself , to gain freedom from fear, first within yourself and then outside to nature, to man. The VALLI is back after 22 years, with new generations, with the same spirit/liveliness and purpose, harder and more prestigious.” What can we add more? Nothing!! We made little changes for the safety and the show, but the spirit of the event remains the same; values are the same and the race VALLI remains the mythical, the only insurmountable event of REGULARITÀ or ENDURO. On a beautiful 50 km track to go three times a day, the world top 120 riders will compete to conquer the podium but also the most wanted trophy of enduro: the trophy of VALLI BERGAMASCHE, that is an exact replica of LEVO and DUCCIO REGGIANI trophy. More than 300 people of MOTO CLUB BERGAMO, passionate and competent controllers of the event regularity, will monitor and control these riders, assisted by a first class medical staff in collaboration with hospitals in the area and helped, when needed, by the intervention of a medical helicopter. We are sure that PROTEZIONE CIVILE, CARABINIERI, CORPS OF FORESTRIES, STATE POLICE, LOCAL and PROVINCIAL POLICE will collaborate with the Club at the event. Such a cooperation to make sure the race takes place in complete safety and tranquillity, to lead to the finish all participants and their motorcycles, with the conviction that the BEST rider always wins. All these resources will raise the little town of LOVERE, as world headquarter of ENDURO. The French promoter said that Lovere is the IDEAL site for VALLI BERGAMASCHE, not only for one year but it can become A CLASSIC RACE, to be repeated in the years but always to world level. We are sure of it because, in addition to the lake environment, tourism, historic and artistic beauties, there is a ring circuit quite unique, with appropriate difficulties and magnificent natural beauties that will emphasize all values, the most important and valid in the world. Honour and glory to the towns of CERETE – SONGAVAZZO – BOSSICO – COSTA VOLPINO – ROGNO and of course LOVERE. Industry, culture, trade, art, education, sport passion are the characteristics of a city that with Castro, Costa Volpino, Pianico, Sovere make a single context, that deserves a better future placement in Bergamo and Brescia provinces. The MOTO CLUB BERGAMO by moving VALLI BERGAMASCHE wanted to give recognition and a contribution to such opinion. These little towns will be invaded by a multitude of Enduro fans, to be quantified at around 20.000 (twenty thousand). This forecast could be reductive in case of good weather. We should be ready to face up with this “invasion” in the sites of the “PROVA SPECIALE” and in Lovere, with adequate car parking, snack and rest points. A strong impact for sport, tourism and visibility thanks to press and TV will bring Lovere and all the neighbourhood involved in the event VALLI BERGAMASCHE all over Europe and all over the world. INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLING FEDERATION and ITALIAN MOTORCYCLING FEDERATION wait for the positive results of this experience in order to find a solution of continuity for the location of World Races. It is general opinion this area could be ideal for an ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. In conclusion: the MOTO CLUB BERGAMO, with its 91 years of history and successes, believe to be in an enviable setting for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP conclusion, that will remain in the history of MODERN ENDURO. Thanks to the sponsors and to the people who will help us in this “adventure”, this experience will make our club greater and more important and give recognition to all the fans who will stay for few days in the enduro country: CERETE – SONGAVAZZO – BOSSICO – COSTA VOLPINO – ROGNO – LOVERE.


I will run the risk of sliding on Bergamo side of enduro rhetoric and of siding with that code, which is deep-routed in the genetic heritage of those valleys inhabitants; it is so singular that can be considered unique among the endless possible DNA chains. Everyone has his own point of view of course, but it stands to reason behind enduro magnifying glass, and beyond enduro, lies the real image, hard to find elsewhere, of BERGAMO VALLEYS and of the people who created it and delivered it to history. And this is the first rhetorical slide, so one might as well let oneself go till the end of the Valley, till the shores of Iseo Lake that hosted ACERBIS Grand Prix of Italy 2010 for a week, that is to say the 41st edition of Bergamo Valleys. WE HAVE ENDURO IN OUR BLOOD! BATTINI wrote on Motocross in June 2010. The summary is perfect: a world of people, a world of bikes, a world of passion and enthusiasm. Never seen before so many bikes as in Lovere and Bossico! Enduro is alive, absolutely…! The report by DANILO SECHI gives us all the magic of the three days competition.



“That will be certainly an engaging race of Bergamo Valleys, but not one of the most selective in its history”, Giovanni Sala, the great champion from Bergamo, five times champion of the world, three times first absolute at Six Days competition and ten times pole position at Rally Dakar, summarizes the world competition of Lovere, which today proposes the first stage from 9 a.m. The race got going in the late afternoon yesterday, through the prologue show in Bersaglio of Costa Volpino. He became track supervisor of all enduro world championship. “Furthermore – the former star continues – we could overdo it on one time control out of three, the middle passage time control in the area of Bossico, since the other two concern the general quarter area of Lovere, at Marconi square, and so the participants will have to face a huge traffic, given the crowd of fans we expect. But in Bossico there’s such a hard passage that the track was modified for the girls of the female championship. All four special tests had a high level, up to the prestige of Bergamo Motor Club competition. Two tests, the cross and the extreme, were disputed in Bossico, the other two, the cross and the line, in Costa Volpino”. The first riders at start will be the ones of E3 group, the first riders in the general race, then all others will follow, two every minute. In all, 149 out of 159, who became 158 because of an accident of the great specialist Salminen, have made verifications. The planned laps are three, each of them lasting 2 hours and 12 minutes, so the total time is almost seven hours on the saddle. The prologue, attracting many spectators, has shown some big favourites. The French of Italian origin Antoine Meo recorded the best time, on Husqvarna Ch, then two other riders of E1, the Polish Blazusiak, and the other transalpine Aubert. First in E2 Ahola (4th absolute), first of E3 class is another French, Nambotin (9th absolute). The best Italian is Balletti (7th). Before the short competition, the race director, Renzo D’Adda, decided to set a test for the riders of the “line” special and so this factor will be immediately clocked too, and the total amount of clocked passages will be 12.



New chapter, usual extraordinary success. As it was clear in the late Friday afternoon, when some thousand spectators (with entire families, female representatives and fans at any age), came to the prologue in Bersaglio di Costa Volpino, the force of attraction of Bergamo Valleys is still exceptional. Yesterday, on the first stage of the 41st edition of the legendary enduro competition, third test of world championship, bikes and fans sprang out anywhere, in all four special tests expected, a sparkling of colours, sounds and support came out; it is difficult to evaluate, but 10-15 thousand people were esteemed to follow the event organised by Bergamo Bike Club and ABC. The heart of Lovere answered well, the sunny day made the rest. The cross special of Monti Lovere surprised everyone, on a huge meadow, half race in the area of Lovere and the other half in Bossico. The eldest remembered Antoine Meo, the unquestioned king of E1 and in the end the absolute winner of Valleys 2010, the glorious time of Magnolini and Monte Avaro. The force of public’s support couldn’t put wings to the Italian riders who, despite the evident engagement, couldn’t conquer the podium but in the group of young boys on 125cc bikes, the Youth Cup. Only the Spanish Roman won, before the two riders from Bergamo, Giacomo Redondi and Jonathan Manzi. The French are happy and despite they lost, before half race, one of their stars, Jonny Aubert, who stopped for a serious disease (labyrinthitis). Antoine Meo (Husqvarna), winning in the prologue, again signed the absolute race. Then Remes, Guerrero Seistola and 5th Micheluz from Friuli. The first two of E3 are French too, Nambotin (Gas Gas) and Guillaume, who is the best in extreme. Third is Knight, 4th Simone Albergoni, the 5th is Botturi, 8th Andrea Belotti, 9th Mirko Gritti. In E2, the leader of general classification Ahola (Honda Hm) has the best of Cervantes, 4th Thomas Oldrati, 6th Balletti. Junior class saw the Spanish Santolino win, 5th D’Ambrosio, 9th Massimo Mangini. Among  the girls, success for the French Defrene, 8th Sappino, the last is Emanuela Balduzzi from Seriana Valley.

SUNDAY 23rd MAY – 2nd DAY


“Exceptional! Incomparable! Legendary! Extraordinary!”. No, we didn’t end up, by mistake, in the dictionary of adjectives, we just report the enthusiastic opinions of Italian and foreign works personnel, who followed the 41st Bergamo Valleys race, that ended yesterday in Lovere and surroundings. So the enduro world championship comes back to our district, four years after the race of  Rovetta. It was the third stage of the Italian tournament, came right after Spain and Portugal, recorded the highest number of participants (159 subscribed, 149 started) and, probably, the record of spectators (according to approximate esteems 10-15 thousand on Saturday and 20 thousand on Sunday). As the track supervisor of the championship forewarned, the big champion Giovanni Sala, it was not lethal, but certainly very hard. It is enough to know that the best ones, every day, ran on clocked stages, on the whole (12 per day) for more than one hour, for a race lasting less than seven hours. And this time grew to 1 hour and 20 minutes for the less prepared riders. Compared to Saturday, the Italian-French Antoine Meo (Husqvarna) in E1 and the Finn Mika Ahola (Honda Hm) in E2 and the Spanish Lorenzo Santolino (Ktm) in Junior class repeated their victories. And compared to Saturday, the success and the Youth Cup 125 grew, for the colours of Bergamo, even though in a smaller group, for Giacomo Redondi from Costa Volpino (Ktm Farioli) and third place in the hard-fought E3 class for Simone Albergoni from Spirano (Ktm Factory – Fiamme Oro). Redondi, Belometti’s pupil was 5th and the best Italian in Junior class. Albergoni stepped up by one place and gave in only in front of the English Knight and the French Nambotin, (the best one in the sum of the special extreme races). “It was a hell of a job” Albergoni’s comment at finish line, “The incredible support of the public gave me a boost”. The most exciting duel, just for seconds gap, was in E2 class. Ahola prevailed, the Iberian Cervantes got 2nd for only 17 thousandths, stuff for runners! And Ahola won the absolute too, and overtook Knight in this case for 2 thousandths! In E2 class, another fourth place for Thomas Oldrati, for 2 seconds he stole the podium from the French Renet. Great is the challenge of the 11 girls at start of female world championship first test. All of them came to finish line (and they are called ‘weaker sex’), the victory of the favourite French Puy over the former trial rider Spanish Sanz, 8th place for Anna Sappino and last place for Emanuela Balduzzi from Seriana Valley, very tired and late, but cutting finish line. Quote for 16 year-old Matteo Bresolin too, 8th place in Youth Cup 125. On the opposite, the well-known names Edmondson, Mattila, Letellier and Passeri didn’t end the race. Other riders of Bergamo area, 9th Mirko Gritti, 11th Andrea Belotti, 12th Giovanni Gritti, all in E3 class. In the classifications of the two days, Albergoni got the trophy of Municipality of Lovere, as the best Italian, while the absolute winner of this Valleys race was Antoine Meo, who obtained the Trophy of Bergamo Bike Club in the memory of Giacomo Manzoni.Mika Ahola, here at special extreme, defeated Cervantes in E2 for 17 thousandths. After five years these emotions erupt beyond any limit, the manifestation is back with its stories and dreams to tell, the great AHOLA who left us too early and the amazing MEO who doesn’t leave any way out for nobody. We are back to the upland of Presolana, back to ROVETTA, on the legendary tracks of the last editions: there’s no lake, but the magical mule tracks and the immense meadow of Bossico, the seat of a special race that was really a show. Years pass, time passes, images flow, memories live, but every time you come around, I can’t stop looking at you. Observing you I lose my words and sometimes I am amazed: I wish my gaze were enough to make you understand you’re so beautiful it hurts. Even if you want to hide some of your defects, know, they are all fine to me. It is the beginning of the beautiful poem DARIO AGRATI wrote before the 42nd VALLI BERGAMASCHI at ROVETTA 19 – 20 – 21 June 2015 a big return that led to the plateau of the Presolana over 25,000 enthusiastic sportspeople not only enhanced by the virtuosity of the enduro champions but above all from the fame of this beautiful woman VALLI BERGAMASCHE, flower corsage of the MOTO CLUB BERGAMO which, despite the environmentalists’ disputes, has organized this beautiful event envied and copied from half the world. PRESIDENT GATTI DOES NOT WANT TO ARGUE AND REAFFIRMS THE GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PUBLIC ENTITIES OF THE TERRITORY. In fact, the problems and controversies in recent months have been followed, going hand in hand with the determination, calm but firm, to do things properly and in accordance with the law. “It’s all very simple, adds President GATTI, we practice a lawful sport and we ask for the necessary permits for large-scale events: if there were no permits, we would be forced to give up the races, but given that the local authorities have all given their consent, confirming the quality of our actions, we carry on our business with passion”. Five years have passed since the last roar of the world engines echoed over the tracks of the orobic valleys and we return to ROVETTA after the beautiful 41st VALLI in that of LOVERE. The Italian stage of the ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is the fifth in the 2015 calendar: the tournament kicked off on April 18 u.s with the GP of Chile, in Talca, the only appointment outside Europe, is then continued in Spain at Jerez de la Frontera, in Portugal at Gouveia and in Greece at Serres. After the ACERBIS Grand Prix in Rovetta (BG) in Italy, the last two stages in Belgium at St. Hubert (11 and 12 July 2015) and then in France at Réquista in October. AND NOW WE ARE WITH THE WORLD CUP AT ROVETTA AND IT IS IMMEDIATELY SHOWTIME. The first high point of the 42nd VALLI BERGAMASCHI FIFTH TEST OF THE 2015 ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the course of progress at Rovetta and surroundings, was signed by french MATHIAS BELLINO, provisional leader of E3 class. The Husquarna pilot imposed himself on Friday late afternoon June 19, 2015 in the prologue of the event staged in the locality of La Spessa of CLUSONE as the highlight of the MOTOR PARTY, a spectacular summer event proposed by the local Section MC 80. BELLINO beat the great rival PHILLIPS, KTM Australian and current champion for a single hundredth second. In the E2 exploit of the spaniard Betriu, in the E1 the leader Nambotin and in the Junior frontrunner Mc Canney. They placed the bike in the closed park in 97, a small number, but with all the best members of the discipline. Among the defections of the last days, those of the spaniard champion Cervantes and that of the indoor star performer, the polish Blazusiak.



The blue hopes of winning a success were broken, on the first day of competition of the 42nd VALLI BERGAMASCHE 5th and third last round of the 2015 Enduro World Championship, against the wall of the increased competitiveness erected by foreigners, not only French but also Finnish, British, Swedish and Australian. But on a positive note, let’s say it right away, not to be missed: four podiums have matured and two are branded orobic. Among the very young of the Youth Cup, the cup 125 under 21, MIRKO SPANDRE class 96 coastal volpinese got the second place who finished behind the Swedish MICHAEL PERSSON. Among the under-mature ones GIACOMO REDONDI made the third step of the podium. The E1 saw the Finnish TM EERO REMES emerge leader CRISTOPHE NAMBOTEIN. ALEX SALVINI Bolognese is third on his debut in the legendary event of the Moto Club Bergamo, which was penalized by a sprained knee while faster in its class the E2, were the French PIERRE – ALEXANDRE RENET, absolute first result, and the other transalpine ANTOINE MEO detached by 7 seconds who remained however leader in the general. The E3 star was that of Australian champion MATTHEW PHILLIPS who bent the frontrunner and the first protagonist of the prologue of the Motor Party, Mathia Belino. Engine roar, gas, flags in the wind, sun on the tarps of the stands. The guy coming out of the parking behind the paddock in a hurry, the others catching their breaths with him too.The special test is to be reached, down in Bossico where the idols of the Enduro World Championship roar, again the Bergamasche Valleys, again here in Rovetta, the realm of engines, open wide handcuffs and dreams in the mountain pass. At ten o’clock in the morning the village is a festive mosaic, people camped in the lawn back of the parking area from Thursday evening. French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, American, Swedish, Germans, Australians and many Italians. In a tent, in a camper, in a hotel up in Castione, in Fino del Monte, in Honor, in Sovere, and in Rovetta. How many? Many, an invasion. “I always come here, the race is fantastic,” says Uwe Trautzcsch from Lengenfeld in Saxony while biting a small formagella. Above all, including pilots, watches a battleship of 300 volunteers among boys of the Club, Civil Protection, Red Cross with wide eyes ready to intervene if something goes wrong. In the evening everyone returns to Rovetta, another river of people comes back on arrival. Engines and joy, few accidents and good weather. Appraisal of the day? The Mayor of Rovetta STEFANO SIGNORELLI smiles and adds “Great, the village has been cheerfully invaded, there is a lot more people than in 2006 and there is a nice friendly atmosphere”. Tomorrow Rovetta will still be worldwide.


An extraordinary public frame in the highlights of the route characterized the second day of competition of the 42nd VALLI BERGAMASCHE, legendary MOTO enduro competition CLUB BERGAMO that this year represented the GP ACERBIS D’Italia fifth and third last test of the Enduro world championship. Difficult to quantify the number of enthusiasts and curious, surely several thousand, irresistibly attracted by the charm and atmosphere that the event is able to generate each time.Saturday the incitement and warmth of the many fans has galvanized the many exponents of the blue and Bergamo school, but it was not enough for them to reach the summit in any of the planned groups. In fact the foreigners were again the ones to dictate the laws and in particular the Australian of KTM FACTORY team MATTHEW PHILLIPS who hit a terrific one-two in the E3 class and Swede of the Yamaha team MIKAEL PERSSON among the very young under 21 of the Youth Cup, the 125th Cup. In the E1 class the Spaniard of Sherco LORENZO SANTOLINO won the race, in E2 he took the rematch of the reigning champion and provisional leader, French of KTM ANTOINE MEO, who beat the great rival RENET and also made his absolute victory, both in the stage and in the sum of the two days, repeating the exploit of the Valli 2010 and conquering the Trophy in memory of Felice Manzoni. Third place was the Bolognese ALEX SALVINI competing in the hard-fought and very difficult E2, third athlete of Costa Volpino, GIACOMO REDONDI: too strong for him Holcombe and Englishman Jemie Mc Canney. “ We cannot but be fully satisfied” the comment of President GATTI the helm of the Club since 1997 and at the coordination of VALLI from edition 37. “We have collected so much praise from enthusiasts and professionals, we were lucky with the weather conditions and counted on the precious support of Rovetta and all of the other neighboring municipalities involved that we wish to thank. The race also gave a boost to the whole Conca della Presolana which has thus been able to anticipate the tourist season. In particular this one time giving us an extra gear, in my opinion, the combination with the Section Motor PartyMC 80 of Clusone. He proposed a truly fantastic prologue in an ideal, beautiful location the final part of the test on line and also extended the days of the event with his own evening attractions, not only in terms of motorcycling. More than that I find it difficult at the moment to think about where we can improve the VALLI further, but I remember saying this sentence at the end of several past editions …… we are waiting for the 43rd with the CENTENARY OF BERGAMO, it has already been requested “.

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